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A quick tool for tailoring your résumé

This is a quick tool I’ve used for years to quickly tailor my resume for a specific job:

They Want I offer
Under “They Want” is all of the required and preferred qualifications and job responsibilities-what I would own, lead, and be accountable for in this job. I put each specific item in its own row. In the “I Offer” column goes the most relevant examples of my work experience, skills, and education that ties to the “They Want” column directly to the left.

This makes it very easy for me to cut and paste from both the job posting and my resume. It gives me a very clear understanding of how my background and experience match up to what they say they are seeking. Do I have  60,%, 80% or 100% of what they are asking for? If it’s only 60%, perhaps I should think twice about submitting my resume.

This is also a very useful tool for interview preparation; with this, you can make sure you are ready to discuss how your skills and experience relate to their needs.


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