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What are you the best at?

Last night, my other half and I went to see the Cirque de Soleil show Amaluna. I admit, I’m usually not the most enthusiastic about these kinds of shows  (although I have seen “O” in Las Vegas and was transfixed by it). But a relative had given us a gift card for Christmas and the show ends this weekend–so it was now or never.

I shouldn’t have been so hesitant. It was an astonishing performance. In between being spellbound by the frequently astonishing feats of the performers, I thought about how much time, skill development, extraordinary dedication, and focus it must take to achieve the level of mastery demonstrated by the acrobatic talent onstage. It also made me realize that to reach that level of extraordinary ability, there must be a lot of failure involved–that would be painful (even when working with a net or padded mat, which for most of the show they do not).

It makes me wonder: How many of us, in what we do every day, could honestly say we are as good as one of those performers in even one thing we do? That we apply the same level of dedication, learning, and incredibly hard work each and every day toward that one activity?

How much better would you be at your chosen profession (or hobby) if you did?

Here’s another question: If you’re not, what’s holding you back?



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