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How can you use social media in your job search? Here’s an example.

I recently had a position posted for a Intern at my employer. We were in the process of filling the position when I received an email from Twitter stating I had a new follower. Not that unusual. I clicked through to read his profile and noted he’d tweeted @ me asking if we were still looking for good intern talent? He then included a link to a Tumblr site he’d created expressly to tell us why we should consider him as a potential intern. The content was a bit wacky but it definitely made the point; even though we’d filled the position, I took the time to look up the applicant’s resume in our ATS. He was a very qualified potential candidate, but at that point we didn’t have another opportunity available. I sent his resume and the Tumblr link to one of the leaders in that department asking  if they might need another intern? They’re giving it consideration.

This college undergraduate just did something that ANY job seeker could do:

  • Research the company on LinkedIn and identify who the key players are in their target department and/or in Recruiting
  • Find them on Twitter and follow them
  • Use a social media site like Pinterest or Tumblr to engage the targeted key players @ the company
  • Follow up on Twitter/LinkedIn/etc to engage the key players

Seems simple, right? Then would you be surprised to hear that this is the only candidate I have ever had that has done so?



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