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TGIF from Seattle

Happy Friday, all!

Nothing terribly exciting to report, apart from that I’m pleased to be heading to my first Mariners game of the season tonight. V. Texas–game 2 of 4. Confession: I’m not a huge baseball fan. But the M’s are fun to watch, and we try to go to at least a couple games each season. Plus, Safeco Field is a very nice place to see a ballgame, and this season there are a wide range of new–and reportedly excellent–food options.  I’m excited to try one (or more) of them out. Looks like a salad is in my future for lunch…

We’re having a VERY wet April thus far. We made a new record for April 7: 1.54 inches of rain in a 24hr period. This week has mostly been gloomy. Those of you who aren’t from here and think it rains here all the time: This is why. Locals start to get grumpy about now, as they feel they’ve earned sunshine and it’s AWOL.

Protip: If you’re planning a trip to Seattle, our moods brighten considerably about July 5 when consistent sunshine begins and usually remains through October.

Last Sunday, being trapped indoors by the monsoon, I decided to roast a chicken and have a few friends over. A pictorial recipe:

Take your chicken–the best you can buy (in this case a locally sourced, no hormone, free range, organic feed bird)

raw chicken

Cut some herbs


In this case, I had parsley, tarragon, chives, and lemon thyme on hand. Mince them up.

herbs and lemon

Zest a lemon


Add to softened, unsalted butter (again, good stuff). I also add some kosher salt and a bit of pepper.

butter skin

I then stuff the compound butter mixture under the skin of the bird, paying close attention to the breast as it can dry out quickly.

butter under skin

I let it rest until I’m ready to cook, then salt the cavities and outer skin with kosher salt and stuff it with a quartered lemon, garlic cloves, and thyme. (Always make sure the protein is at room temperature before it goes into a pan or hot oven!)

Roast at 425 degrees until the breast registers 160. Let it rest for 15-20 minutes while you’re prepping other stuff and making a pan sauce (I did this with a bit of the chicken drippings, but took most out; added a minced shallot, softened, then added dry white wine, chicken stock, and thyme sprigs and simmered until it had reduced. Off heat I added just a bit of butter to bring it together and salt/pepper to taste.)

Voila! Terrible picture taken in low light of the result.

chicken potatoes vegRoast chicken with braised red potatoes and roasted fennel, shallot, and parsnip. I also made a rocket salad with herb roasted walnuts and walnut vinaigrette.

What else is going on?

  • Good news, dev types: Twitter and GoDaddy are joining the ranks of other companies like Hulu, Zynga, Facebook, eBay, and Google in opening Seattle offices. This of course means more competition for those of us recruiting tech talent.
  • Is Oregon the new VC darling? VC firms invested far more in OR startups than WA in Q1 2013–$46 Million more. As a native Oregonian who left in part due to the lack of diversity in the employment base (Oregon has traditionally been hammered hard during even mild national recessions), I’ll be watching to see if this is a a trend.
  • Brilliant comedic mind Jonathan Winters died. Winters was a brilliant improvisational comic who was part of a new generation of comics that included Bob Newhart and others. He served as an inspiration for comedians like Robin Williams as they were coming up in the craft. He was also a prolific artist and writer. I remember watching him on “The Carol Burnett show” and “Mork and Mindy” as a kid (yes, I date myself there) as well as in movies like “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World“. He was tear-inducingly funny always.


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