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Job Interviews: Be brilliant at the basics.

I’m doing a lot of phone screens this week for a more junior level non-technical position. All of the candidates with whom I have spoken have 5+ years of work experience at at least 2 employers, so they have been through job interviews before.

When I ask the question, “Tell me what you know about <Company Name>?”, at least 60% of them have answered either, “Well, I know that you do something with software. . .” The last candidate I interviewed said something to the effect of, “Honestly I don’t know that much. I really should have read up. . .”

Yes. You should have. Because although this isn’t the primary reason I won’t move you forward to the hiring manager, it’s definitely a mark against you as a candidate.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: A job interview is a great way to demonstrate how you will act as an employee. The fact that you have had 1-3 days to do a web search on our company name, quickly read the “About Us” section on our website, etc and you didn’t is not strong evidence of how you might perform if you were hired.

The job interview is the final exam of your job search. Do you want an A? Or an F?

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