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Hello World! And happiest of Fridays.

What’s going on? Been a busy, BEAUTIFUL week in Seattle. Sad to say the sunny 70 degree weather is apparently leaving us just as we approach the weekend.  Good thing I got most of my gardening done earlier this week.

One of the unique things about working on the Seattle waterfront, and living here in general, is that you have an ever-changing landscape just beyond your window that reflects global trade and commerce. I’ve previously posted photos of the plane train:

plane train

Boeing moves 737 fuselages between their factory in Everett and the final assembly plant in Renton 1-2x/week depending on the production schedule for global customers.

Here’s one I bet you wouldn’t expect, though. Yep-that’s coal. It’s just passing through en route to British Columbia. There are three export terminals in British Columbia that ship coal to Korea, Japan, China, and Europe. Last year, coal shipments were a $5.6 Billion commodity export. There are plans to create a coal shipment terminal in Washington state near the B.C. border, but that plan is being  protested by multiple constituencies.

coal traim

Seattle is also a major commercial port city, having the 6th busiest seaport in 2011. The photo below is a container ship coming into dock to be unloaded at the Port of Seattle. The tugboat alongside its stern is captained by my uncle; he’s at the wheel in this shot. (Occasionally he’ll bring the tug into the slip between the two piers across from my building and call me on his mobile to harrass me while I’m working. This is not something that would happen to most people.)


What happened this week?



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