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Hello and Happy Friday!

I’m currently in the air en route to…somewhere. My other half’s birthday is Monday, and instead of a present it was requested we “go somewhere warm”. And so we are, but it’s a surprise.

Last weekend was stunning–and on Monday, we achieved something that almost never happens here (especially in early May): We matched Phoenix–and beat every other major metro area in the US–for the highest temperature. It was 87 degrees here on Monday due to some unusual weather patterns. That made us hotter than Houston, LA, Miami, Atlanta…you name it. Last weekend wasn’t quite as warm, but close.

This is what Summer in Seattle looks like:


This was taken on Alki Beach  looking Northwest to Bainbridge Island and the Olympic mountains. That’s the Bainbridge ferry to the right of the mini Statue of Liberty. You can live on Bainbridge and commute by ferry boat to downtown Seattle in 35 minutes; lots of people do. Makes for a pretty amazing life…

The early sunshine and heat is having very positive effects on the garden. My little veggie bed is coming along smartly. These photos were actually taken last weekend; things have grown a fair bit in the past 3 days since.

veg garden

Doesn’t look like much, but there are snow peas, pole beans, Armenian cucumbers, bibb lettuce, arugula, heirloom carrots, green onions, and strawberries in there. The empty space is for hotter season stuff–tomatoes, basil, etc–that wants warmer nights than we get in early May.

My herb bed is growing quickly, too:

herb bed

The bare spots are where I’ve planted new stuff this year–dill, lemon balm, anise hyssop, a scented geranium, some new thyme both to eat and as ground cover–and a few others. The Italian parsley was close to 30″ tall before I whacked it back while mowing the lawn last night. I need to make a BIG batch of tabbouleh or parsley based pesto when I get home next week. Otherwise it’s going to take over.

Fortunately (for me), it’s supposed to be rainy this weekend so everything will get a much-needed drink in my absence.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a great weekend!



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