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Happy Friday, everyone.

I hope this finds everyone well. I was AWOL on Monday–it was my other half’s birthday, and the birthday present was a surprise trip somewhere (very) warm: Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park. 106 degrees F is a bit much for my native Northwesterner self–‘dry heat’ or no–but it was a beautiful place to visit.

That’s the Salton Sea below. It’s a saline lake that is 226 feet below sea level in the Southern end of the  Coachella Valley. It was created in 1905 when the Colorado River flooded the area. It became something of a resort area in the 1940’s and 1950’s, but ever-increasing salinity levels (well above the Pacific Ocean) have rendered it uninhabitable for most sea life. It also has geothermal activity in the sea–you see (and smell!) the sulfurous bubbles rising to the surface near shore.


This is a Joshua Tree, also known as a Yucca Palm. They are native to the Mojave Desert side of Joshua Tree National Park. They are extraordinary looking trees that have an interesting lifecycle (they require freezing winter temps in order to bloom) and support a lot of biodiversity in the desert.


This is looking down at the Northern end of the Coachella Valley from Keys View in Joshua Tree National Park. This is looking roughly Southwest toward Palm Springs. A bit of the San Andreas Fault is visible in the right side of this photo. What isn’t is the amazing wind turbine farms that are all over the Northern end of the valley. Some of the wind turbines are massive; the blades must be 7-8 stories tall.


I want to leave you with this:

Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, venture capitalist, and all-around very smart guy recently published a slide deck titled “The 3 Secrets of Highly Successful Graduates“. Please don’t let the title deter you from viewing the presentation; given how rapidly the traditional career model is disappearing the information he shares is relevant to everyone.

Hope you all have a great weekend!



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