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TGIF and happy Memorial Day weekend

Hello all! Happy Memorial Day weekend. I’m headed to central Oregon in search of (hopefully) sunshine and reliably warm(ish) weather. This is an annual trip I’ve done with friends from college for many years now. We’re headed down there:

WP_20130510_030Central Oregon is known as the high desert. It averages 4,000ft above sea level. The area in and around bend is full of cinder cones, lava beds, lava tubes (fun for exploring–unless you’re claustrophobic). Oh, and mountains:


That’s part of the Cascade mountain range that divides Western OR from Central/Eastern OR. Central OR is spectacularly different in climate and landscape from Western OR. It’s very arid/hot in Summer and cold in Winter. The range of mountains and smaller peaks provide a playground for rock and mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, etc. There is also a spring-fed river running through Central OR–the Deschutes, which is great for rafting, kayaking, and fly fishing.


What else is going on? My garden has been loving the recent warm weather. I’ve planted tomatoes, beans, snow peas, and basil recently. Time to harvest some lettuce:


My herb bed is enthusiastic. I cut down the Italian parsley by about half this past weekend when I made some tabbouleh, but it’s already taller. There’s also dill fighting it out with the oregano–I’m hoping it lives.


Hope you all have a safe and fun long weekend. Next week we’ll talk more about the long-term unemployed and what we can do about it, as well as potential interview killers.



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