Happy Friday! It’s been a spectacular week here. When Seattle is nice, it is extraordinarily so. We’ve hovered close to 80 degrees all week and it looks like the weekend should be similarly nice. Good news as we’re heading to the other side of Puget Sound.

One of the interesting things about the Seattle region is the extensive Washington State Ferry system:

This system serves as the main route of transit for many islands in Puget Sound, the Kitsap Peninsula, and the Olympic Peninsula, home of the Olympic Rainforest–the only temperate rainforest in North America–and one of the most spectacular beaches you will ever see :

(If you ever want to go to a place that really feels like you’ve reached the end of the world? This beach is it.)

The ferry system allows people to live on an island and commute to work in downtown Seattle in 35 minutes. Sounds pretty ideal, doesn’t it?

In other news, I’m thrilled to announce that the recent Kickstarter campaign to finish production of a documentary on the life and career of legendary radio DJ, Marco Collins. Marco was a DJ on a then-new radio station in the early 1990’s called The End here in Seattle. He played a pivotal role in building the careers of many artists and bands, including Pearl Jam, The Prodigy, the Presidents, and countless others. The film is called The Glamour and the Squalor, and if you’re a fan of 1990’s ‘alternative’/electronic music, I urge you to watch this trailer and consider making a donation so this film can be what it deserves to be.




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