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A brief remembrance of an extraordinary man

Today’s blog has nothing to do with recruiting, or job search.

Instead, I want to take a moment and focus on the career of Dr. Greg Foltz.

I met Dr. Foltz on a couple of occasions when I worked with Swedish Medical Center. Dr. Foltz was the director of the Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute. What Dr. Foltz and his team have accomplished is nearly unparalleled in the world of brain tumor research, and allowed many people with complex, difficult-to-treat brain tumors–some who had been told their tumor was untreatable–to have extraordinary recoveries.

How Dr. Foltz came to lead this extraordinary organization is unique. A classically trained pianist, he made an abrupt career change when a good friend of his was diagnosed with a brain tumor–and died a year later. He realized that his chosen career path wasn’t as important, and within a year had passed his medical school exam and was on his way to becoming an internationally recognized neurologist.

I helped the team in the Ivy Center recruit for a couple of positions during my time at Swedish, and in touring the facility I was fascinated–and proud–that the organization with which I worked had such an extraordinary team working to impact the lives of people all over the world in seeking new ways to treat brain cancer and brain tumors.

Dr. Foltz succumbed to a battle with stage four pancreatic cancer late last week. I’m devastated at this news. I’ve rarely met someone with such purpose in their professional life. Friends of mine have had their lives given back to them thanks to the work of the brain surgeons at Swedish.

If this is something that resonates with you, please consider joining the Brain Cancer Walk this September–or donating to someone who is walking.



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