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Interesting stats from CareerXRoads 2013 Source of Hire Survey

CareerXRoads released their 2013 Source of Hire Survey of 2012 hires back in March. It’s worth a read as it highlights how companies fill their positions. A couple of data points I found interesting:

  • Surveyed companies expect to fill 17.5% more jobs in 2013 than in 2012.
  • 41.5% of positions filled by surveyed companies in 2012 were filled by internal movement and promotion. I’m surprised this number is so high, honestly, but if it is really representative of the greater employer population (I’m skeptical) it’s great news for the workforce.
  • Employee Referrals made up 24.5% of all hires in 2012. I want to focus on this number for a minute as it demonstrates how important it is to build and maintain your professional network. Nearly 1/4 of all positions were filled through networks like yours; shouldn’t your next job come through that network too?
  • Social Media only accounted for 2.9% of the hires. I think this is a difficult number to track, honestly, as I’d bet hires attained by internal sourcing/recruiting teams may have been influenced by a post made to Facebook/Twitter/etc–but it’s not the referral source that ultimately gets recorded.


One thought on “Interesting stats from CareerXRoads 2013 Source of Hire Survey

  1. Thanks for your breakdown of the CrossXRoads Source of Hire Survey. It looks like we may have a somewhat better employment outlook for 2013. I was most surprised by the internal movement and promotion hire being such a hire percentage at over 40%. I agree with you that the Social Media number seemed under reported and the employee referrals, representing a full 1/4 of hires was as expected.

    With the proliferation of computers and ATS screening resumes, the importance of networking and referrals, are even more the key for someone outside an organization to have an actual live person review their resume.

    It would be great to get your thoughts in a future blog post on how best to network, especially into a specific company that one has a strong interest in working with. For instance, if someone wanted to work with RealNetworks, and felt they were an ideal fit for a open posted position, what you you suggest that they do to get noticed?

    And yes, I am very curious to get your response to this.

    Thanks much.

    Posted by Stuart Friedman | July 14, 2013, 6:53 pm

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