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Hello and Happy Friday!

It’s been a bit of a long week. Makes one especially glad Friday is here, doesn’t it?

So what’s going on? This week, SIFF had a special showing of a new movie showcasing the band Low. Low produced some of the most beautiful (and sometimes haunting) music of the slowcore movement.

The movie is a compendium of their video work over a period of 20 years with director Philip Harder. Fun to see some of the older videos on the big screen, and also to see some newer footage.

Outside of that, my evenings and most of my weekend days are being spent prepping the exterior of our house for painting. Why am I taking this on? I have access to some of the equipment (extension ladders, power washer, airless sprayer) and don’t mind doing the physical labor. I’m also motivated to paint over the current color, which I can’t stand.

The paint on the body of the house is in decent shape overall, fortunately, but the windowsills are a mess. Exhibit A:


I also jammed enough stone pavers into the trunk of the Miata (who needs an SUV?) to complete a little path from the side of the house over to the back drive:


Otherwise, everything in the yard will likely be suffering a bit as I spend most of my time and sweat equity on the house over the next few weeks.

Have a great weekend!



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