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Burning Beast 2013 review

Hello peeps!

First, two things:

-This post is about food, not career/job search advice. Please feel free to hit up the archives if you need a fix.

-If you are a vegetarian or don’t like seeing animals being cooked; please stop reading now. 

OK, the rest of you still with me? Read on. And get a napkin. Drooling is likely.

I usually write my posts a bit ahead of when they hit the blog (as I am doing now). Unfortunately for those expecting my usual Monday job search advice, I attended Burning Beast 2013 today. I cannot think of anything but smoke and meat at the moment, so that’s what you’re getting.

Burning Beast is a benefit event for Smoke Farm created by Seattle chef Tamara Murphy of Terra Plata (and formerly of Brasa). The concept is simple: Get a group of the region’s best chefs and their teams together. Give them a mission: Choose a protein and do something fantastic with it that involves cooking over fire. The teams build their cooking setups onsite and get to business. This is at least the 4th year of the event, and 600+ tickets sold out within a couple of hours.

Enough of the description; onto the photos.

Smoke Farm


The Beast. They build a new one every year. Note the tree for a tail. It burned about 9:15pm last night (after we left, sadly–it was a school night so we didn’t stay)


Mike Easton of Il Corvo and his team did a whole (small) cow. Served on flatbread with a nice chimichurri-like sauce.


The Copper Hog did ram sausages with blueberries (no kidding–it was great) served on fresh made grilled flatbread with oyster mushrooms and garlic scape pesto. It was as good as it sounds.


Whole roasted goat


Taylor Shellfish Farms cooking up some (huge!) fresh oysters, heading to a big table where people were allowed to shuck their own. (Amazingly, I didn’t see any serious injuries.)


The line for duck two ways (cherry duck sausage and duck roasted in banana leaf) by Where ya at Matt


Matt (in the Seahawks cap) serving up the delicious duck


The team at Cantinetta serving up roast lamb (which I understand is on the menu for a limited time)


The Il Corvo team (note the massive line) viewed from our picnic spot


Trophy Cupcakes was on hand to help us roast marshmallows…(oh, did I mention they are bacon-studded marshmallows? Yeah. Bacon. In a marshmallow)


…for bacon s’more cupcakes! (Or is that cupcake s’mores?)


There was also live music, and Seattle DJ Riz was on hand spinning later on in the evening.

Amazing event. We’ll be back next year. If you are in the region, I highly recommend you bookmark the Burning Beast website and check back next April to see when tickets go on sale (usually in early-mid May).



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