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Hello and Happy Friday!

We continue to have a spectacularly nice run of weather here. There’s a reason Seattle was named the #1 US large metro area with the best Summer weather. On his blog, UW Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and regional weather expert (he literally wrote the book on itCliff Mass digs into detail as to why.

The long run of beautiful weather is great for any number of reasons. Currently for me, there are two primary ones: 1) I can drive the convertible 7 days a week (including Home Depot runs); 2) Plenty of dry, warm weather to work on the big summer house project–painting the exterior.

This isn’t the most fun I could have with my Summer evenings and weekends, I admit. But it’s necessary work, and of all the house projects we need to do over the next couple years (ranging from rebuilding the upper half of the chimney to ripping off 4 layers of roofing material and installing a new roof), this is the one I can most easily tackle and in doing so save some $ on labor–which can then be applied to one of the many other projects. (Ah, old home ownership…so much fun.)

The paint on the body of the house–at least on 3 sides–is in decent shape, fortunately. It’s the trim that isn’t, especially around the windows. Apparently the prior owner had it repainted the year prior to listing the house for sale, and the person who did it either had no idea how to prep or just didn’t care to do it right. This is the worst window trim after lots of scraping and sanding:

But many of them look like this:

This, folks, is why you should NEVER go with the lowest bidder based on price alone.

95% of what makes a paint job successful is the prep. So I’m spending lots of time scraping, sanding, caulking all window/door frames and other openings, and priming:

This is the rear (East) wall, which seems to get the worst of it in terms of weather exposure. (The North/South sides of the house are sheltered by the neighboring houses, which are no more than 8 feet apart.)

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell. More sanding, cleaning, and priming everything. Next week I hope to start painting the trim, and in a couple weekends’ time my Dad and I will start on the body. It’ll be great to get the project done.

Oh–what colors, you ask? That’ll be a surprise for later–for everyone, including me. After selecting the main body color, the paint rep informed me that it wasn’t able to be mixed in the recommended base paint. So we now have a custom-mixed color that hasn’t yet been applied to the house. Here’s hoping we like it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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