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Hey all. Happy Friday. Hope things are good in your respective worlds.

We’re having easily the best Summer in my nearly 15 years here. Want proof? Here you go:

the_right_candidate_weather_snapshot_aug1That’s as much as I could fit in a screenshot. It’s been like the above since late June, and it’s forecasted to continue through Aug 18th when showers are predicted. If the forecast proves accurate, we will have had one day of rain since late June. Contrast that with Philadelphia, which had 13 inches of rain in July. (Sorry, PHL. Wouldn’t want to be you.)

Continued sunny skies (knock on wood–no, really, I just did) are important, because I need to finish this:


As of last Sunday, we knocked out 50% of the painting on the house. I’ve spent most of my free evenings in the past 4-5 weeks sanding, scraping, caulking, priming, more sanding, priming, and painting. This weekend should be the big push to get the rest of it done. My dad has been lending a hand–he painted most of this side of the house last Sunday, for which I am immensely thankful. The color has been described as either “great!” by most everyone, or “That’s a….bold…choice” by our cranky older English neighbor up the street. I’m happy with the former.

Have a great weekend, and see y’all Monday. Next week I’ll be talking about how to reject a job offer gracefully and other topics.



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