About Me, TGIF

A very wet TGIF

Hello and Happy Friday.

I’ve been a bit erratic in the past week; all apologies. An unexpected business trip to attend a conference in Vancouver BC meant my schedule was not my own. Pleased to say I’m back on track.

Our Summer-long streak of beautiful weather has definitively ended for the moment (it’s predicted to be mid-high 70’s by end of the weekend again). The past two days have been marked by massive amounts of lightning strikes and up to 2 inches of rain. The PNW is not accustomed to these kind of electrical storms, so this is unusual to say the least. Here’s a little taste of what we’ve been experiencing:130905_lightning_22 Puget Sound Thunderstorms

And here’s what Seattle looks like for a great deal of Winter:


It’s an uncomfortable reminder that Fall is nearly here (as if the dead leaves slowly taking over my front garden aren’t reminder enough). I dislike Fall. It feels like many of the best things we are given each year–long days, warm weather (especially warm nights), spectacular flowers, beautiful fresh fruit and produce grown in your own yard, lots of time outside–are disappearing for yet another year. The world feels like it’s going into hibernation–except we’re not allowed to put on a bunch of weight and go to sleep for a few months until Spring arrives again. I think we get a raw deal.

I’m glad that we have a couple of trips planned that will take us to sunnier climes before next Spring. I was just discussing with a friend (who is also a native Northwesterner) how we used to ridicule people for ‘snowbirding’ in places like Palm Springs. It seemed like such a cliche. Now…I’m not so sure.

I’ll just look forward to the return of the sunshine over the next week; it’ll allow me to ignore the inevitable for just a bit longer.

Have a great weekend, everyone.



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