About Me, TGIF

A foggy TGIF

Hello and Happy Friday, y’all.

Here is what Seattle CAN look like during Fall. It’s actually quite pretty (in comparison to the dark clouds and rain we’ve been living under the past week).

seattle october fog

What else is going on? I started going to the gym a few weeks ago. I’m an evening gym-goer. Not being a morning person by nature, the idea of getting up before the crack of dawn (which, truth be told, I’ll be doing anyway for the next few months) to go work out is unappealing at best. However, this morning I had a 16lb cat standing on my chest at 5am, kneading. That’s difficult to sleep through. And then I was wide awake. I also missed my gym time last night and was feeling guilty about it. So–off to the gym I went.

A few observations. First, I naively expected the gym to be rather quiet at 5:41am. Not so. Easily as busy as when I usually go around 7:30pm. What the–? Who are all of these insane people?  I had to wait for the cardio machine I wanted to open up, something that has never happened before. Moreover, it was clear many of them were fully functional at that hour. How is that possible? A number of them seemed to know each other. It was like a little gym cult. A glimpse into another world which I may never see again.

This weekend, we’re going to see the IMAX movie Jerusalem with some family.

Having been to Jerusalem, various places around Israel, and the Occupied West Bank last year, it is an extraordinary visual overview of the Old City and surrounding areas (including the Mount of Olives, the traditionally Arab community of East Jerusalem) as well as other major landmarks like Masada and the Mediterranean coast in Jaffa. Well worth checking out if it comes to a city near you.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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