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Happy Friday! More to share from Australia & HK.

Greetings to the 4 people still paying attention to this zombie blog!

Sorry for the radio silence the past two weeks. Ubiquitous internet access is not something you can count on in Australia, and when you do find wi-fi don’t expect it to be quick. That meant photo uploading was not an easy task. But since I’ve returned, I wanted to share a few highlights with you.

After Sydney, we ventured to Far North Queensland in the NE corner of the country to visit the Daintree Rainforest.


And yes, the Wet Tropics is quite rainy. Especially in Spring (rainy season). They hadn’t had much rain for the prior 3 months, apparently.


From there, we went South to Cairns, one of the primary jumping-off points to see the Great Barrier Reef.


That’s Michelmas Cay in the center. The shadow areas underwater are reef sections. This is the inner reef; we also snorkeled on Hastings Reef which forms part of the outer reef. It was unbelievable, truly a bucket list experience.

You do have to exercise caution in the water in Far North Queensland, though:



They aren’t kidding about either of these. We saw a BIG croc crossing the Daintree River on a car ferry about 10 feet from the starboard side. Apparently they are quite common in the rivers, and will make their way out to saltwater shores as well. The marine stingers come in a few different shapes and sizes. The Irukandji, a jellyfish that is no bigger than a cubic centimetre–meaning you wouldn’t see it in time to avoid being stung by it–which is bad, as it will put you in the hospital (often as a best case scenario). Fortunately, we avoided both.

We saw some sleepy Koalas (and a few not so sleepy ones) at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane:


And visited the Easternmost point in continental Australia located in Byron Bay, NSW:


We returned to Melbourne to wander the city’s famous Laneways, this being Degraves St:


And finished our trip with a night in Hong Kong en route home.


That’s it in a nutshell. Amazing trip–I feel very fortunate to have a partner in crime who loves to experience new people and places even more than I do, and will push me outside my comfort zone. Because that’s when you learn the most about another place and people–and about yourself.

Back to the regularly scheduled posting next week. Have a great weekend.



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