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Networking is about people connecting.

Happy Monday.

I am switching things up a bit today due to something that happened last night.

As I mentioned, I am out of town for the weekend-in Palm Springs. Before dinner this evening we stopped in at the Ace Hotel for a cocktail on their patio.

We were there for awhile and had a bit of light conversation with our server. I happened to mention that we were from the home of the Ace Hotel chain (Seattle) and she replied that she once lived in Seattle. When she returned to the table, I asked how she ended up in Palm Springs. She said that she had moved from Bend, OR for better weather (both are deserts; Bend is much colder in winter).

I happened to mention that one of my oldest friends, Evan, lives in Bend. To which she exclaims, “you don’t mean-?” And says his last name.

Turns out she was involved in the theatre community in Bend-as are my friend and his other half-and they all know each other quite well.

Small world moment? Absolutely. But also a great reminder of how stepping outside your comfort zone and striking up a conversation with a stranger can merit an unexpected connection. In this case, it was between someone I had never met and one of my oldest friends found nearly 900 miles away. In other cases those conversations can merit a potential connection to a great new position.

What’s the takeaway? LinkedIn is a phenomenal tool-but it cannot and should not replace face to face connection. So make it a priority to step out from behind your LinkedIn account and meet new people.



One thought on “Networking is about people connecting.

  1. Love Palm Springs. We stayed at the Horizon this summer just down the road from the Ace Hotel and Swim Club. I highly recommend it. Did you make it down to Wangs in the Desert? Great music and nightlife on Sundays.

    Thanks again for sharing this story. Nothing beats real networking like this. So nice to see that the world can still get a little smaller. I was always taught to engage folks in the line at the supermarket or Barnes & Noble. You never know just who you will meet or eventually hire.

    Thanks again.


    Posted by Ian Duggan | January 13, 2014, 10:00 am

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