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Hello and happy Friday.

First off, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention: our home team is headed to the Superbowl next week after beating the 49ers. It’s been fascinating to see how many Seattleites–known for being fairly reserved non-joiners–have caught Seahawks fever. Many friends have started watching the games over the past few weeks, going so far as to decorate their houses and wear fan gear. The night of the NFC Championship win, it was fun to see all of the public celebration. Next Stop: Superbowl Sunday. Go Hawks!

It’s a sunny (albeit chilly) morning here in Seattle. Thanks to it being an El Niño year, we are having a fairly warm and dry winter (which will likely be an issue this Summer when low snowpack = drought conditions for many Western states). It also means that, while a good deal of the United States is having one massive Winter storm after another, our weather has consistently been like this:

And given what havoc these storms are wreaking on the rest of the country, I’m fine with a little morning fog.

Thanks to the very temperate Winter weather, I’ve been getting out in the garden a bit. A few days ago, I was rewarded with my first sign of (early) Spring:

the_right_candidate_crocus_jan_14For those living somewhere that is currently buried under a foot or more of powdery ice, take heart–Spring is on its way. (OK, perhaps a bit later for you.)

Happy Friday, everyone.



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