Me doing my best Jamie Dimon impression.

Me doing my best Jamie Dimon impression.

Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog.

My name is Jon Jenks-Bauer. I live in Seattle, Washington–one of the most beautiful places in the country and recently named the #1 tech city in the nation.

I’ve had a diverse career history that spans from grassroots political organizing and campaign work during and after college, staff for a U.S. Senator, a stint in ‘higher’ education (okay, a community college) where I spent much time raging against the horribly bureaucratic machine, working for a now-failed F100 bank and the region’s largest hospital system to where I am today–managing the recruiting team for a media software and services company.

Along the way, I’ve recruited for everything from electrical assemblers to Java devs, medical billers to ACPE-certified Chaplains.

My goal with this blog is to provide a insight from both sides of the process we all face at various points in our career (unless we’re lucky enough to be born wealthy and stay that way). One of the guiding forces of my career is the belief that as a recruiter, you are impacting peoples lives–and while your loyalty must be first to those who write your paycheck, you should do what you can to help job seekers better understand how the process works and what job seekers can do to help recruiters help them get jobs. (Oh, and food. There will likely be an occasional post about food.)

My life outside of work is as (or more) important than work itself. I share a life, a house, and an amazing group of friends with my other half of 7.5 years. I’m an indentured slave to two feline overlords. I’m passionate about experiencing new cultures, landscapes, and food through travel (I’ve been to Costa Rica, Jerusalem/the Occupied West Bank, and Spain in 2012). I love food–trying new restaurants or food trucks, learning about new cuisines, or cooking a great meal for friends. I love music and proudly support the best community radio station in the US, KEXP. Since buying a house, I’ve slowly become a gardener and spend a good deal of time in the garden during  Spring/Summer/Fall.

Oh–and I’m a huge car nut. I love most cars both classic and current, and have a long history of old, semi-crappy but interesting cars.

Here’s me at a Porsche driving event this past year, flogging a new Boxster (no, I don’t own a Porsche. I’m not even sure how I got invited to this event. I wasn’t going to say no, though).

Me boxster

Thanks for reading (and commenting!). I hope to make this worth adding to your RSS feed.

Blog Disclaimer:

I do not represent my employer or any views held thereby through this blog. This is something I do on my own time for my own purposes.  Anything I might say about the company I work for is released through official channels first.

I try to keep things as open and honest here as possible but there are a few things I can never do:

  • All views presented here are mine (and/or those of my guest blogger); not of my employer.
  • I cannot discuss specifics of anything that might be happening with my company or position.
  • I take every effort to make sure everything I talk about here respects the privacy and confidentiality of anyone I mention.
  • I will not give legal advice, nor will I provide personalized job search advice through this blog. If you ask me to answer a specific question and it’s relevant, I may consider doing so.

This is to limit my own liability.

A word about Comments:

  • You may post follow-up questions. I’d welcome the opportunity to address your questions via my blog. 
  • You may disagree with me–and that’s okay. I welcome alternate points of view and debate. However, I ask that you do so in a respectful manner, and not monopolize the dialogue; we can take a conversation offline if you wish.
  • I moderate all comments and reserve the right not to post them. Again, I welcome comments and debate; however this is my blog. I don’t have an obligation to publish your comments. You have a right to free speech; but if your comments are 1) Spam; 2) Offensive; 3) Inappropriate; 4) A personal attack on me or another commenter; 5) potentially illegal/libelous–it’s not getting posted. (I reserve the right to include more categories than are listed here.)


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